My dad is 80 and has advanced dementia with Lewy Bodies. Aylsham Homecare has been vital in supporting both him and my mum for three years.

I was put in touch with Aylsham Homecare in the spring of 2016 by the local Parkinson’s UK representative. I wanted my parents to meet some carers and get used to having people in the home before care was really needed. I live at least four hours’ drive away and much as I would like to be more involved, I have school-age children and cannot always be there.

My parents and I were impressed by Laura’s professionalism from the first meeting, and we started with a couple of hours of care for Dad once a fortnight – this meant my mum could get out and about without worrying. The carers were lovely. They soon became familiar and trusted faces and have remained so.

When Dad had a fall in January 2017, Laura and her team sprang into action. They were there to help move a bed downstairs while Dad was in hospital and to provide advice and comfort to the rest of us. When Dad came out of hospital the care visits became daily, then twice daily. Now Aylsham Homecare is with my parents four to five hours each day. Three of the lovely carers have been helping them since day one, and although a couple of carers have retired or moved on, their replacements have been equally caring and capable.

From my point of view, Laura has been very easy to deal with: professional, courteous and kind. The carers not only know their stuff – they’ve recently helped mum get to grips with a new stand-aid/hoist for Dad – but are truly kind people.

In short, getting to know the people at Aylsham Homecare has been one of the few silver linings to the cloud of Dad’s deteriorating health. A huge thanks to all of you!

Alison Froggatt, Kent

Aylsham Home Care looked after our mum May during the last five years of her life. The girls were experienced reliable and caring, and they became her friends. The owner, manager Laura always kept us involved with any changes needed in her care as she got older which the family appreciated.

One of Mum’s wishes was to stay in her own home, her carers went above and beyond over her last few months for this to happen.  She passed away aged nearly 111 years old and at home. May’s family thank Aylsham Home Care for all their help and support over the five years. It would not have been possible without them for which we are very grateful.

Janet Sutton

Laura and her team have cared for my father for the past three years. As a result, he has been able to remain in his own home despite his progressing Dementia.

Prior to the involvement of Aylsham Homecare, my sister and I had occasional expressions of concerns from neighbors and others about his wellbeing and general deterioration. This was very difficult for us as we both live in Scotland and have many commitments, so monitoring and supporting him was problematic for us. Since the introductions of Laura’s team, we have had no such concerns. It is evident that they have paid attention to his various needs, including personal care, feeding, laundry and overseeing repair and replacement of white goods when needed.

On my visits to him I have come to know the individual carers. Each of them have impressed me with their dedication and willingness to carry out all of the caring tasks, some of which are demanding and difficult. They have all been friendly, cheerful and positive throughout and have established a warm and valued relationship with my dad. They have even arranged birthday parties and provided a Christmas stocking for him.

During the time that Aylsham Homecare has been involved there have been occasional health problems requiring additional support from the team and this has been given without question. Laura has always taken care to keep us informed and consulted when decisions have had to be made.

It is very comforting for us to have a team of carers who are trustworthy and who have demonstrated their willingness to “go the extra mile” and provide whatever care is needed based on the situation that they are faced with. They visited him in hospital when he was admitted for a short stay and arranged to take him to see the poppy display in Aylsham last year. My sister and I are very happy to recommend Aylsham Homecare to anyone who needs support in their own home. We would further wish to extend our thanks and appreciation to Laura and the team for all the help and support they have provided.

Tony Cripps & Stella Kyte.  

My mother (now in her 90’s) has been receiving care from Aylsham Homecare for the last seven years. Over that time her care needs have gradually increased but Aylsham Homecare have always been able to provide extra help and an enhanced care package as her needs have changed.

My mother and I have always found them to be 100% reliable and the staff go the extra mile to ensure their clients are always very well looked after. They treat people with great respect and are also proactive in advising relatives, sensitively, if they have any concerns about a client’s health or wellbeing. They work with and support relatives which I feel is of great importance.

Even in these troubled times of the COVID-19 outbreak Aylsham Homecare have continued to provide the highest levels of care and service. I would most certainly recommend them to anyone seeking reliable, efficient and compassionate homecare for an elderly relative.